Makers comes and Geocities goes.

More Geek stuff of intest:

- Makers: Cory has a new book called Makers being serialized at Tor. It comes out November. I met Cory at Tech Active in London

- Yahoo just pulled the plug on Geocities which was the host for my first blog "Andrew's Tea Salon" back in 1997. We had no computer, no software, no money and no idea how to make a website but Geocities solved all that for us. Thanks Geocities. We will miss you.

Swissing Up your blog with Swiss Miss

Picture 31.png

Tina Roth Eisenberg of Swiss Miss was sitting in front of me at The Feast. She is a web design guru with a huge following among designers and geeks. It was really nice to meet her but I have to say that her blog is sooooooo much better looking than mine which now appears SCRUFFY and very . . . non-Swiss. Maybe its time for a redesign?

I asked her if she used Helvetica as her favourite font which was a redundant question. Of course she does. On her blog is a link to a arial vs. helvetica test. YEAH HELVETICA!

Would you agree with me that her design appeals more to men [and geeky men like Johannes who is sitting next to me) than women?